Refrigerated Bumper Pull Trailer 5'x8'

Refrigerated Bumper Pull Trailer

-High Quality
-Refrigerates But Can't Freeze
-Towable by More Personal Vehicles
-Fits in Garage or Parking Ramp
-Auxiliary Storage when not being towed
-Quieter and Smaller Generators

A Coolbot Refrigerated Bumper Pull trailer is an affordable, high-quality and lightweight refrigerated trailer we have been building for years.  Available in 8', 10' & 12' lengths, caterers, florists, and bakers often find Refrigerated Bumper Pull trailers to be the ideal answer because they need lighter refrigerated trailers with the two-inch ball and 4 pin electrical connector that help ensure they can be towed with smaller vehicles that are more readily available such as cars, small SUV's and small pickups rated to tow them.  The heavier small refrigerated trailers use two and five sixteenths inch balls with seven pin connectors which require brake controllers and larger vehicles, such as pickup trucks, with that capacity to tow larger refrigerated trailers. 
Caterers love them when household power is not available, they can be powered with smaller Honda “Whisper Quiet” generators which reduces the generator noise in crowds.  Honda does not make the larger “Whisper Quiet” which is needed for the larger commercial refrigerated trailers.  Florists love them because they cannot freeze. Bakers like them because their bread doesn't need heavy capacity of multi axle trailers.
We start the build of Refrigerated Bumper Pull trailer with Kaufman Trailers, known for their quality as the base for refrigerated trailers and combine them proprietary insulation, Refrigerated Bumper Pull controllers and high efficiency air conditioners. The 3,500lb axle provides a 2,200lb payload capacity for the 5’x8’. The 2”x3” tubular steel frame provides quality some small refrigerated trailers don't match. The door is wide enough to easily load the standard 40 by 48 pallet. Keg duty and food grade floors provide easy cleanup. They can even be used to keep beer chilled. Of course, all lighting meets DOT standards. The 35° to 70° temperature range is from just above freezing to room temperature. The air conditioner provides 7800 btu’s for faster recoveries than freezer units. The 110v 15a power requirements mean power is readily available in homes and even from smaller generators than freezer units require. Air conditioners are easily replaceable years down the road when they've reached their service life. 3 sizes of refrigerated trailers provide the space you need to get the job done. 

Options such as wind deflectors, generator plates and barrier curtains in the doorway provide some needed extras for road warriors. Cool bot controllers come with two options - Standard and Wi-Fi. We offer temperature monitoring systems which will alert you on your cell phone whenever your unit falls out of established temperature or humidity ranges. E-Track on each wall. Stabilizer Jack to support larger loads when stationary.

Because we build these regularly, we have the “bugs” worked out other DIY builders haven’t learned.  No need to worry “do I need a vapor barrier in my Refrigerated Bumper Pull trailer” or “what's the Refrigerated Bumper Pull trailer electric supply needs?” We've taken care of all those questions.  We provide a 1-year warranty, comparable with other refrigerated trailer manufacturers.

Refrigerated Bumper Pull-Trailer-5x8-RearRefrigerated Bumper Pull Trailer - Interior

8’ Refrigerated Bumper Pull Trailer

Holds 1 pallet or 2,000lbs.  Fits garage heights. Every trailer has its pluses and minuses. Most people cannot stand up in the 5’x8’ Refrigerated Bumper Pull trailer however it will fit in most garages and parking ramps.  The smaller size helps ensure faster recovery times.  Again, it will easily handle one pallet.

10’ Refrigerated Bumper Pull Trailer

Holds 2 pallets or 1,900lbs. 6’ High. The 6’x10’ Refrigerated Bumper Pull trailer is 6 foot tall and handles two pallets however because it is longer, it actually handles less weight.

12’ Refrigerated Bumper Pull Trailer

Holds 2 pallets or 1,900lbs. 6’ High. The 6’x12’ Refrigerated Bumper Pull trailer is 6 foot tall and can easily handle 18" restaurant racks around the edge with an aisle down the middle.   This makes it a favorite for those that want easy access for many different products.  The larger air conditioner improves the recovery time lost in larger freezer trailers.

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